Threat Feed Service - Live Feeds

Questa pagina è interamente dedicata a tutte le feed malevole che in tempo reale vengono inserite nell API di ThreatFeedService. Per evitare la competitive intelligence nel Live Show verranno inseriti 4Kb di Malicious Feeds aggiornate randomicamente dall'IA.

Tutto ciò fornito in via gratuita per chiunque voglia toccare con mano alcuni dei risultati generati dalla rete neurale.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence Articles

Alcuni articoli resi possibili dalla CTI generata dall'intelligenza artificiale Threat Feed Service


[ENG] BlackBye Ransomware

While checking the files extracted from the "HDP" Remote Desktop HoneyPots used by my AI "Threat Feed Service", I realize that in addition to the "usual samples" there is a large amount of ".js" files identified with the arbitrary signature "Unknown_Dropper" and a child "Dropped", at which I decide to go into the analysis to understand the real nature of this new malware....


[ENG] Chrome 0-Day Buffer Overflow CVE-2021-30632 Uncovered

Early this morning I found this piece of code inside the "Uknown_CVE" storage of my Threat Feed Service Artificial Intelligence.

Having no time to analyze it further i thought it was worth to share the "PoC snippet".

Probably it has been intercepted by the "Telegram Crawler" module, in fact in the description files it generates i found evidences saying it is linked to CVE-2021-30632.

Have fun! ...